Saturday, November 30, 2013

Peace and Quiet


What a wonderful holiday we've had! Ryan the SuperSon was home from Ga. Tech, so I've had hugs and laughs and fun galore for the last few days. We've had family in and out, visits with friends, and way too much food! Today was Back-to-Georgia day so my cousin, Terry, came for a visit and let to Ryan hitch a ride back. 

Maggie the Wonder Dog is very particular about who she allows into our house, but she greeted Terry as if he were her long-lost best friend. Only one tiny little bark!  Of course she had to entertain a little, so she demonstrated her full repertoire of tricks. Her "sneak like a spy" trick is my current favorite, and that's what she's doing in the picture above. (Of course, you will have to trust me on this, but she really was scooting across the floor on her tummy.)

After we were full up from a big lunch and laughed up from all Maggie the Wonder Dog's antics, the guys headed out for the long ride back to Atlanta. Maggie and I watched them head down that long driveway and slowly pull away. Back in the house, it was amazingly quiet, but the memories filled the air like summertime wisteria, lingering and sweet. 

This afternoon, I've snuggled up with Maggie the Wonder Dog in front of the fire and revisited the events of the last few days, savoring every one. As I've thought about our holiday, I've been so grateful that there were no harsh words to regret, no arguments to try to wish away. Frankly, I'd have been surprised if there were, but not everyone has this kind of home. I'm grateful I do. There are dishes in the dishwasher that need to be unloaded, dirty clothes to wash, suitcases from last weekend that still need to be unpacked, but it will all keep. For this evening, I'm just savoring the peace that reigns in my home. It's the kind of peace that only the Prince of Peace can give.  What a wonderful gift!
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