Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Unexpectedly Grateful Heart - Part 11

Usually when I find a surprise in my refrigerator, it's in the form of sour milk, moldy cheese, or limp romaine. Tonight, however, I found a good surprise. In all the excitement about the new ebook's grand entrance into the Kindle store, and my very quick shopping trip with my sister, I had forgotten about my purchases at Sam's. I hate to tell this for fear there will be a run on my favorite food, leaving none for me. I'm going to take the risk, however, and say that I bought a pack of lamb chops on Saturday, stuck them in the refrigerator, and promptly forgot them. 

I know that I said on Saturday that Thai is my favorite food, but that was because I forgot about lamb chops. Lamb chops are really my favorite food. Two little lamb chops will cook to perfection in seven minutes, are exactly enough meat, and super delicious. 

While driving home tonight, I realized I had left the lunch leftovers (that were supposed to be my supper) at work. I was looking forward to yumminess. Needless to say, I was disappointed and wondering if a protein bar might hit the spot, when I looked in the fridge. Not only did I have lamb chops, I also had baby Bella mushrooms! Double Yum!
In under ten minutes I had prepared my very favorite dinner. (If you want my recipe, leave me a request in the comments.) 

You may be thinking, "Why is she blogging about lamb chops?"  Finding lamb chops in the refrigerator is such a simple thing, but it's the kind of sweetness we often overlook. I'm grateful for the lamb chop kind of surprises life often brings me, something good when I expected something bad. Something soft and easy when I expected something hard. I'm grateful tonight for lamb chops and lamb chop moments. You probably have these lamb chop moments, too, when something nice but not at all big happens, and it turns out to be exactly what you wanted but didn't expect.   Don't forget to savor them and to give thanks to the One from whom all blessings flow. 

Happy Thanksgiving!