Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"They shouldn't have done that"

I had the opportunity to speak with a young man recently who, by some standards, is a little handicapped. After our visit, I'm not so sure about that. Our conversation had meandered through a few topics when he unexpectedly said, "They shouldn't 'a done that to him!" What ??? I obviously did not understand, so he repeated it, a little louder to be sure I got it this time. "They shouldn't have done that to him!" he said, as plain as could be. Still not understanding, I asked, "Who?" I didn't know who did it, nor to whom they did it, much less what they did.  He looked at me with the sternest expression and said,"Jesus."  

Indeed. They shouldn't have done what they did to Jesus. He was exactly right. We shouldn't have done what we did to Jesus.  In the most incredible gift of grace ever imagined, Jesus knew what we would do to Him, yet He willingly came anyway. We would do well to remember this wise young man's words this Christmas season. We shouldn't have done what we did to Him, but He knew we would, and He came anyway. THAT should make all the difference - in our attitude, our spending, and how we live - this advent season.