Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Children of Wisdom

Yet wisdom is vindicated by all her children." (Luke 7:35 NASB)

The Greek word here translated as "children" is teknon.  According to www.blueletterbible.org, when used metaphorically, as it is here, it means "of anything who depends upon it, is possessed by a desire or affection for it, is addicted to it". This is an odd phrase with an important truth. We become a child of wisdom when it is an overriding desire of our life, when we are so possessed by our desire for wisdom that it, rather than riches or the approval of man, becomes the goal of our lives. 

When we are most interested in finding truth and gaining wisdom, rather than defining wisdom based on our own desires or whims, it changes us. The acquisition of godly wisdom bears such fruit in our lives that the difference is apparent to those around us. The righteousness of godly wisdom is proved by the lives of those who gain it. 

This is not the person who thinks they are wise, much like the men to whom Jesus was speaking. This is referring to those gentle, humble souls who, like John, have such a passion for truth that they will risk anything, including their lives, to defend the truth. Jesus knew that John was imprisoned, and would eventually be beheaded, because of his passion for speaking God's truth. 

What is truth?  Jesus was very clear about it. "I am truth," He said. (John 14:6) If we want to pursue wisdom, the ability to understand and implement truth in our lives, we must seek that truth in Christ alone. 

It all comes back to passion. To be wise, we must be passionate about truth, about the truth in Christ, and we must allow it to change and mold us into the kind of people who demonstrate truth by their very existence. The question, then, is about what are we passionate? The wisdom of Christ or our own desires? What evidence of wisdom is apparent in our lives?

Today, pray that we and our loved ones would desire godly wisdom more than anything the world offers and that we would pursue truth with all the passion we can muster. 
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