Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Night with Friends: Dancing Like a Ballerina by Mamie Hollis

Our Friday Night with Friends guest blogger is Mamie Hollis, apprentice wonder puppy. This is only her second or third time to write, so be sure to encourage her! Enjoy!  
My name is Mamie Hollis and I am just a lil' puppy dog. My mama 'dopted me a bunch of whiles ago, but I don' know how long because I'm just a puppy still. I have a sister named Maggie, who is a Wonder Dog. When I came to live here, no one really 'splained about this Wonder Dog thing. That was not really good, because I found out after I got 'dopted that I am gonna be a 'prentice wonder puppy. Oops sorry. Mama said I am an apprentice wonder puppy. Who even knows what a word that big means? Puppies do not. 

My mama, who is very nice and is trying to teach me so many things, said an apprentice wonder puppy is s'posed to learn to do all the things a Wonder Dog can do. I said, "Mama, you can't mean it! I'm so little! Maggie is twice as big as me!" My mama said, "Mamie, dear, size has nothing to do with learning.  You can learn as much as you want to learn, and Maggie and I will help you."  Well, it dint really seem like I had much choice about this.  

At first, Maggie was really, really grumpy about me. I don' really think she liked me much. I gave her lots and lots of licks and kisses, but it did not help. My mama tole me to pray to Jesus and He would help. I got all my friends to talk to Him, too. We kept on asking Jesus to help and He did. He helped Maggie be nice but He' helped me too! 

It's very hard not to do licks and kisses when you are a lil' puppy. We love licks and kisses! I don't think Maggie likes licks and kisses much, though, at least not from me. Maggie wouldn't even look at me at first, but I think she likes me now.   No kissing though. That makes me sad. I love licking and kissing! And hopping. I love love love hopping. 

Maggie tole me one day, "Mamie, you are not a rabbit. Quit hopping!" I love hopping, so I didn't quit, but I did have to quit hopping on Maggie. She won't 'prentice me at all if I hop on her.

Oh, dear, I forgot what I was telling you about! Oh yes. I was gonna tell you about dancing like a ballerina. 

Maggie the Wonder Dog (and big sister of Mamie the 'prentice) knows so many things. I love to watch her dance like a ballerina. She's so pretty. Sometimes she wears a frilly dress and dances.  I don't have a frilly dress yet. Mama said you can't have a frilly dress if you are going to eat it.  

I have been wanting to learn how to dance like a ballerina, too. I have been watching Maggie and practicing really hard. My mama keeps saying, "Sit, Mamie" and "Stay, Mamie" and "Shake, Mamie". I don' wanna sit or stay or shake. I wanna dance. I keep telling my mama but it doesn't help. Last night, Mama and Maggie were helping me with 'prentice class. Mama would give a command and Maggie would do it. Then it would be my turn. I thought I'd s'prise them. Every time my mama gave me one of them command things (sorry, those commands), I'd dance like a ballerina. Maggie looked at me and rolled her eyes! Can you believe it?

Dancing like a ballerina did not go over very well. My mama would not give me a treat for dancing like a ballerina! She said the only treat she was giving was if I did exactly what she said. She's really big on this 'bedience stuff. She says that God expects us to do what He says, and we don't get a blessing for substituting something else. Even if it's cute like dancing like a ballerina. I think God would  like my dancing. My mama said, "Sure He would. But you still need to do what you are told!" 

I guess I might not try dancing at 'prentice class tonight. Anyway, I hafta do a "learn something lesson".

Here it is: 
Don't dance when you are s'posed to shake and stay. 

My mama said I might need to do a clearer lesson, so here we go again:

Dancing is nice, but you still have to obey. 

The end. By Mamie Hollis, apprentice wonder puppy