Thursday, May 1, 2014

Jesus came anyway

"Now Jesus started on His way with them" (Luke 7:6a NASB)

The elders came to Jesus with skewed perspective, improper motives, and an appalling lack of concern for the servant who was gravely ill. Jesus recognized it all. What's truly wonderful is that He swept past all the chaff to get to the wheat of the matter. There was a man in need. 

Jesus did not criticize the elders for their perspective, their motives, or their lack of concern. He heard the need and responded to it with compassion and action. He started out to see the sick man. Actually, He started out with the elders to see the sick man. 

It's so encouraging to me to know that, when I bring a need to our Lord, wrapped in wrong motives and poor insight, He can cut through all my mess and get to the heart of the matter. In fact, He can cut through all my mess and respond to the need in the best possible way. 

Here's what's truly amazing: Jesus does not need me to "get it right" for Him to do so. His perfect intervention does not depend upon my perfect intercession. The centurion sent men who did not understand the depth of his faith nor the intent of his heart to request healing from Jesus for his servant. Their words to Him could not in any way be construed as an example of wonder-working intercession. Jesus started out to see the servant before the demonstration of faith on the part of the centurion and despite the wording of the elders. He simply responded to the asking, as awkward as it was. 

As we bring our loved ones to Jesus, take heart, dear ones. He cares more than we care. He loves more than we love. He does not need a "formula prayer" to accomplish redemption. He does not need us to pray perfectly or be perfect to accomplish redemption in the lives of those we love. Simply tell Him the need in your heart and know that He will respond. You can trust Him. 

Pray today that our Lord will see the need in the lives of our loved ones and bring healing to every sick and hurting place in their hearts. 
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