Friday, May 2, 2014

The walking miracle

Somehow, I have digitally misplaced  the Friday Night with Friends post. It is saved to the blog file, but I can't find it there. While I'm retrieving it, I've decided to tell you about an experience I had today.

I had delayed much needed errands because of the storm.  However, because of the storm, I needed to run those errands to have supplies to take with me to Louisville tomorrow.  I'm meeting my family in Starkville and we are going as a group to help with the disaster relief effort. 

One of my stops was at Sam's, which was incredibly busy. I finally managed to find a self-check line with only two people in it. For some reason, the guy in front of me peeled off and ended up in a longer line. This was not at all sensible, as he was next in the line to check out. Regardless, he left me next in line, and I was grateful.  

The man checking out had some sort of problem with the machine and a very nice lady came to help. She ended up doing his self-check for him. As she did, she was talking to him and his wife. Someone said something about not being able to count on machines and the helpful, happy lady said, "Oh honey, there is no sense in putting yo' trust in a machine!  I'll tell you what. You best be putting yo' trust in God Himself. I can say that because I am a WALKING MIRACLE!" This lady was thrilled to be a WALKING MIRACLE and she wanted everyone to know. She was marvelous! 

I was interested to know what kind of miracle she was, and she was happy to share, as she self-checked me out, too. Two months ago, she had a heart attack, followed by a blood clot, followed by a clot in her lungs and so many other complications that I was just astonished. In the period of eight short weeks, she had experienced a heart attack, more complications than three or four people combined could've expected, recovered, and made it back to work. By the time she finished her story, I was speechless. From a medical standpoint, it was simply amazing. Her smiling face and her healthy appearance added support to her claim of WALKING MIRACLE. 

I recommend everyone going to Sam's in Tupelo just to meet this nice lady and hear her marvelous testimony. She is the best! This lady not only understands what God has done for her, and is grateful, but she also wants to be sure He gets ALL the credit. She's telling everyone she sees. 

The thing about walking miracles is that being saved by the mercy and grace of God makes us WALKING MIRACLES, too. Every one of us should be just as excited about what God has done in us as that sweet lady is about how He has healed her. We should be telling everyone we meet, and giving God every bit of the credit. 

Just in case you haven't heard me say this before, I am also one of those WALKING MIRACLES!  God saved and cleansed me from more sin than three or four people should have gotten into, and He is constantly having to work on me to keep Me straight. The good news is that you can put your trust in Him to do the same for you! 

How about it? Are there any more WALKING MIRACLES out there?