Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Night with Friends: Mamie's Turn: The Surgeration Adventure and the Blessing of Breathing

My nose is so great
I just breathed while I ate!
No struggle to breathe
I can do what I please!

I am Mamie the Apprentice Wonder Puppy and my mama din't like my poem but I'm leavin' it anyway. Because my nose is so great! I am Mamie the soon-to-be Wonder Dog, and even if my mama and my sister Maggie say that's not true, I am so!!  It is true!  Anyway. I am not very old and not very big but I have very big fun and now I can breathe and have more fun!! Fun! Fun! Fun!  I love fun!

Oops!  Sorry.  

I had a surgeration this week and I slept all the way through it.  Naps are good.  It was 'specially good I got a nap for that surgeration, because I found out what Dr. Thomas did to me while I was sleeping. You might not believe this, but he knocked me out.  Thas' why I was sleeping so good.  If you are having trouble sleeping, you might ask him 'bout that knockin' out stuff.  Whew! You can get some sleep with that!  

After he knocked me, he cut my belly open, and cut some stuff out! I mighta needed that stuff one day, but really I don' know. My mama says I'm still a baby, but I'm already a big girl.  But he took one of my tooths out too! I KNOW I need my tooths.  I hafta have them for eatin!  Now that I can breathe, I need tooths to get caught up on my eatin'! Thank goodness he only took one!

My mama just tole me to get to the point, so I better get goin'.  What else he did was give me a chip.  I'll tell you about that another day.  What I like best about Dr. Thomas's knockin' out job was that he gave me a nose job. I don' know so much about nose jobbing.  That seems like a strange job to me, but not as strange as my mama's job.  I'm not even gonna tell you about that!  

Oh... the nose job.  I think he sorta cut my nose holes and put some blue threads in them.  He shoulda used pink.  I AM a GIRL, after all!  Anyway, that thread stuff and that cuttin' stuff has got my nose holes open really good.  I can breathe and breathe and breathe.  It's so fun!  

Now you might be doin' some breathin' and feel like it is not that important, but you should try not breathin' an' you would feel different 'bout it.  I bet Ole Adam could tell you.  He was laid out on the ground and he wadn't breathin' at all.  Finally, God came over and said, "He'll do better with breath." You are not gonna believe what happened next!  It was so exciting!  God (the One that made the world and everything) leaned over and blew some breath into Adam!  Woo Hoo!!! It got him started doing breathin' of his own, and Adam LOVED it! 

Now here is what you might not know, and it is my job as Apprentice Wonder Puppy to tell you. YOU have the breath of God, too! Thas' how you got started breathin', just like Ole Adam. I saw it in my mama's Bible.  Here it is:

"The Spirit of God has made me, And the breath of the Almighty gives me life. Job 33:4

See.  I tole you.  When you are breathin' nice and easy through those big nose holes of yours, you should remember how you got started in the first place.  God.  The BIG God.  He's the One that started your breathin' and you should be sayin' your thank you's.  Thas' only polite.  My mama makes us say thank you. She makes us sit and stay, too.  

Oh, yeah.  The lesson.

The Apprentice Wonder Puppy Lesson for today is:

I'm little so I make little lessons.  But you should do it.  
That's the end.  By Mamie the Apprentice Wonder Puppy (and Soon to be Wonder Dog, I hope)