Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Night With Friends: Lost and Found by Mrs. Sarah Haggard

I met Mrs. Haggard at my cousin's 50th wedding anniversary.  Although my cousins were the focus of the event, Mrs. Haggard (or Aunt Sarah, as everyone called her) was quite a treat.  She told wonderfully funny stories (like the time her preacher husband mistook her for a prostitute, which I could not convince her to write.  Yet) and was gracious and kind to everyone there.  I begged her for a guest blog, and much to my surprise, I received a beautifully handwritten letter (complete with envelope and stamp!) with her guest post. You will enjoy this delightful lady's offering!

The challenges of a nonagenarian's life, for me, are not creeping wrinkles or a shrinking body, but losing objects, such as teeth and hearing aids.  These items are not only costly, but also essential to your health!  Such challenges have become opportunities for our Awesome Holy Spirit to miraculously expose the lost and found!

Recent examples are:
- After desperately searching high and low, I ended up finding my lost teeth, wrapped in a napkin, and inadvertently thrown into the waste basket.
- My hearing aid was mysteriously lost in my bedroom.  After days of meticulous searches, I told the Lord my ear and hearing aid belonged to Him, only He knew where it was, and only He could find it!

Days later, I went to the bookcase to get an address book.  As I took it off the shelf, something fell to the floor.  My hearing aid!!  I thought I was seeing a vision!! I have no clue how it got into the bookcase!! I lost no time in giving thanks and praise to our God with Whom nothing is impossible.

Aunt Sarah signed her guest blog:
Sarah Haggard