Saturday, July 26, 2014

The City Cousin and the Country Cousin

My cousin Christy had talked about visiting ever since she returned to the US from the Bahamas. Both our schedules had been crazy, though, and it just hadn't worked out. At last, she was in Mississippi after her summer opera schedule and eager for a visit. Today was the day!  When she finally arrived, I gave her a quick mini-tour of my back yard, my azaleas, the herb garden, the greenhouse and the greenhouse "compound".  Her childlike delight was thrilling to me. 

She had asked for "a day in the life", so we headed out in my old white pickup. The first stop was downtown Blue Springs. I showed her town hall and the Little Free Library, as well as the park plan poster. Christy was full of ooh's and ahh's, and wanted to take lots of pictures. 

I needed some things from the feed store, so we headed to Pontotoc next.  If you haven't been to Moore's, you should make the trip. They have EVERYTHING, including something I'd been considering for a long time. A reel-type push mower!  It is the ultimate in sustainable. They didn't have the brand I wanted, but their price was right. As soon as we got back to my house after lunch, we hurriedly assembled it and started mowing. Christy sqealed, "it cuts!!!" and she was off and moving. We were both amazed. It takes a little effort, but it works well. 

After she left, I realized that, other than lunch, our main activity had been assembling and using the push mower. And talking girl-talk, of course!  We had a wonderful time. What mattered most was not what we did nor where we went. What mattered most was that we were together. 

It was a day of sweet, simple pleasures. For just a few hours, Christy shared my life, and the enthusiasm she expressed helped me see once again the beauty and sweetness of this unusual life of mine. It turned out the weeds in my garden and the vines in my azaleas weren't nearly as important as the overall picture here. I'm not just savoring our visit this afternoon, I'm savoring my life. 

What about you? Has your life become so routine that you've begun to miss the beauty and sweetness of it?  Perhaps you, too, need to view your piece of the world through different eyes, look past the weeds and vines, and, once again, delight in the good.