Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Son of Man, part 4: Redeemer

Not only did Jesus refer to Himself as the Son of Man, but with every reference, He explained the Son of Man.  Through His explanation, He explained the gospel, because He IS the gospel.  Here's a summary of what He said about the Son of Man.

descended from heaven
friend of tax collectors and sinners
came to serve and not to be served
came to seek and to save that which was lost
Lord of the Sabbath
authority to forgive sins
came to give His life as a ransom for many
will suffer
will be delivered into the hands of the authorities
will die
will be three days and nights in the earth
will rise from the dead
returning in glory when least expected
authority to execute judgement
commands the angels
seated at the right hand of God

The Son of Man, fully God yet fully human, left the riches of heaven for the meagerness of earth and loved the very worst of us with His life blood.  He came to seek us out, ransom us, and save us, and He is coming back for us when we least expect it.  As we prepare to enter the Lenten season, may we lift up our heads with anticipation and live in accordance with our Redeemer who is coming again.  

Pray today that our loved ones will grow so tired of being lost that they will long to be found by the One who loves them most, and that they will live as those who have been redeemed.