Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lessons from the battlefield, part 7: Failed Father

2 Chronicles 28:1-19                        Failed Father


Jotham was a righteous king who lived his faith.  God prospered him and blessed him; however, the nation did not follow his example.  The people “continued acting corruptly.”  Jotham died at forty-one years of age after reigning as king for sixteen years.

His son Ahaz became king when he was twenty years old after spending most of his life as heir-apparent.  Hefollowed the example of the world around him as well asthe king of Israel.  He not only actively practiced idolatry;he practiced the worst form of idolatry.  He burned his sons alive as a sacrifice to idols.  As a result of his idolatry, God delivered him into the hands of his enemies, not just once but repeatedly.

To make matters worse, Ahaz turned to the king of Assyria for help rather than to the Lord.  Verse 19 sums up the legacy of Ahaz.  “The Lord humbled Judah because of Ahaz king of Israel, because he brought about a lack of restraint.”  

Being a godly father was not enough to ensure the welfare of Jotham’s children.  All that he had built was eclipsed by his failure to pass his faith on to his son.  How critical it is to invest in the hearts of our children!  Oh, that the hearts of our children might be drawn to Christ and to a lifetime of faithful service!