Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Night With Friends: The Joy of Kissing by Mamie Hollis, apprentice wonder puppy

Kiss, kiss, kiss
I love to kiss!
I never want to miss 
A smooch for my sis!

My name is Mamie Hollis and I'm jus' a baby puppy but I am a appren'ice wonder puppy. That means that I'm learnin' to be a Wonder Dog like my big sister.  She is jus' won'erful. Maggie is already a wonder dog and she knows how to do 'bout ever'thing. She even learnt how to play sokker. Her friend Stella Hayden tolt her how and she taughted me. Sorry told and taught. (My mama could be a grammar natzi but I don' really know what that is. She's awful pa'ticular though)

Anyway, I'm not writing 'bout sokker. I'm writing 'bout kissing. I love kissing. I love, love, love kissing! My sister Maggie says, "Stop that, you silly puppy," but I just kiss her some more. I like to kiss ever'body. Ole Lou don't mind if I kiss him. And the mean cat that tries to bite my mama when she pets his belly don' mind neither. Either. I just tumble over him and kiss him all over. He's always nice to me after that. Maggie said it was no wonder. He was running for his life. Ha. If my mama tried kissin' the mean cat, he might not bite her. 

You prob'ly don't know this, but tumbling over and kissin' kinda go together. It sorta helps to run real fast to your friend and tumble over them. That way, you can get some good kissin' in while you're tumbling. And when you get through tumbling, you can lick and kiss some more. Yay!!!

I like to kiss my mama, too. You are s'post to kiss your mama. My sister tole me that. And your sister. Nobody tolt me 'bout kissing your sister, but I'm sure that's right. I kiss Maggie all the time. She  don' always like it all that much tho. But I still kiss her. You can never have too many kisses. 

Anyway, my sister was fussing at me yesterday 'bout kissing. She was trying to play sokker and I was trying to do kissing. Maggie said, "Mamie. This is too much kissing. Why are you kissing all the time?" Well, I will tell you what I tole my sister. "I am kissing everybody because I have love in my heart and I want to share it." My mama says Jesus is love and He loves every one of us. And Jesus wants us to love one another. It's in the Bible to say hello with a brotherly kiss. I hafta say hello with a sisterly kiss, but that still counts. 

Anyway, if you get a kiss from me, this is what it means. "Jesus loves me and I love you, and He loves you, too!" And what I say is there is not near enough kissing in this world, so if you get a chance, you should kiss your friends, and your sister, and your mama. Really, kiss everybody you see. Tha's what I do. It's fun! And every once in a while, somebody kisses me! 

I hafta write a 'prentice wonder puppy lesson of the day, and this is it:

Love everybody just like Jesus does. 
And kiss them. 

(And if you see me, be sure to kiss me.)

The end
By Mamie Hollis
A'prentice Wonder Puppy