Thursday, September 4, 2014

Lessons from the battlefield, part 16 : Delayed Revival

2 Chronicles 30:15 b “The priests and Levites were ashamed of themselves and consecrated themselves, and brought burnt offerings…”


Verses 2 and 3 in this same chapter tell us that Passover had to be delayed because not enough priests were consecrated.  Revival was delayed because the God-appointed leaders were not faithful to keep the sin out of their own lives.  Once they saw the people racing to repentance, the priests were convicted about their delay and they, too, repented.  

It is not easy to stay faithful in the midst of our busy, over-extended lives.  The priests probably thought they were fine in comparison to the nation that had given itself over to idolatry.  Their standard of comparison, however, was not the world around them.  Their standard of comparison was the law, and they were sadly lacking.  

The standard by which we live is grace and our model is Jesus Christ.  Compared to the world in general our lives may look pretty good, but compared to Jesus we are all miserably failing.  Is there anything in your life that might delay revival?  Are you so faithful and clean before the Lord that your heart is prepared to serve at a moment’s notice?  

Revival is coming, dear ones, and God is going to move.  Don’t let your heart be the cause for delay.  You don’t want to miss a thing He has planned.  Let Him make your heart like His today.