Monday, October 27, 2014

The light in the pocket

As the wonder dogs and I made our way to the barn this morning, it was incredibly dark. The sliver of moon gave barely enough light to see a hint of the gravel path before us. When we arrived at the barn, the dogs did fine. I, however, tripped over the feed pallet, ran into the manure-filled wheelbarrow, and stumbled over the doorjamb on my way to turn on the lights. 

Walking back home, I thought that, had I known how dim the moonlight would be, I would've left the lights on last night. I hate to admit it, but I grumbled intermittently about my banged up shins  all the way home. Just as I got to the gate at my house, I slipped my hand into my pocket. You will not believe what I found! A flashlight. When I was stumbling around and banging my shins, all the light I needed to move around safely was in my pocket the entire time. I had never bothered to check.

I hate to admit it, but sometimes I stumble around in life that way, too. All the light I need for clarity is constantly available, and just a prayer away, but sometimes I don't even bother to check until I'm stumbling around, getting hurt by my own failure to seek guidance. How sad that the Light I need for life is much more accessible than the flashlight in the pocket. 

Maybe you never fail to seek direction from God, but more likely, you are a lot like me. Walking in the dark when it's not necessary. If so, you and I would both do well to take note of the Light of the World who has placed His light in us and shine accordingly.