Friday, November 7, 2014

The thanksGiving Series, part 7

(This is the Savings Jar after the Misto assist brought the savings total up to $137.35)

Today has been super busy. I've been working on my novel all day. The characters have had an astounding time, complete with a prayer vigil, a bona fide miracle, and an unrecognized sick heroine. You will likely not be surprised to find faith and medicine all mixed in with this story. 

Anyway, I read in the Martha Stewart magazine recently that we are all wearing out our clothes with dry cleaning. She suggested that we should start hand washing them and drying them flat on a rack. I just happened to have some Woolite and a drying rack, as well as a stack of four sweaters. I usually dry clean them, but the tag actually suggested hand washing. 

I remember a Woolite commercial about "soak your finest clothes clean in three minutes" (or something similar) so I filled the bathroom sink with water and 1/2 oz of Woolite, soaked my sweater clean for more than three minutes, rinsed it, and laid it flat on the rack. It took a while, but I got all four sweaters washed and looking good. Cost of the Woolite I used: less than 50 cents. Cost of dry cleaning four sweaters: $5.00 apiece (or $20) total savings: $19.50. 

The Savings Jar now holds $156.85. Seven days of savings. That's pretty amazing to me, and makes me think I've been throwing a ton of money away needlessly. That's changing day by day, though. There's a point here, and it is not so we can spend more on ourselves. Begin now to look for the need you should meet and save until you can meet it.