Sunday, January 3, 2016

Walking with God or Hiding with the World

My homework for the first week of the new Bible study I'm attending was to read the first six chapters of Genesis. I've been through those verses several times this week, and I've found a three-word phrase that is only used of two people in the entire Bible. (At least as far as I can see) 

When God created man, Genesis 3:8 suggests, He walked in the garden in the cool of the evening. We can presume that Adam and Eve walked with Him, but what Genesis 3:8 says is that they hid from Him because of their sin.

Hiding from God because of our sin seems to be our default mode. 

622 years after creation, Enoch was born and he became a man who walked with God. It was so remarkable that, on one of their walks, Enoch walked home with God and "he was not". Enoch, I think, was the kind of man God intended us to be. 

Despite his faults, which we know he had because he was human, Enoch walked with God.

When Enoch "was not", there was not another man who walked with God on the earth until Noah was born. He is described as "righteous, a blameless man"(or a man of integrity). 

Noah, too, walked with God. 

Solomon described David as a man who walked with God (1 Kings 8:25) but we know that he didn't always walk with God.

Two men walked with God.

Every day, they had a choice to walk with God or hide out with the world. Every day, they chose God. 

We, too, have that same choice. We can choose the world and the glitter it offers or we can chose to walk with God. We can't have both, for "a little of the world" always yields less of God. 

This is a choice you and I must make. Will we walk with God or not? Will we allow Him to infuse our hearts, our speech, our thoughts, with His goodness and grace? Will we choose to obey Him at every opportunity? Will we be the men and women of faith He has called us to be?

The world is in a dreadful mess, in no small part because those of us who claim to be people of God have not walked with Him. If righteousness is to make a difference in the world, we must be ones who live with righteousness and integrity. 

We must walk with God if we hope to lead the world to walk with Him.

The way of the world leads to death and hell.  The way of God leads to life and hope and joy. Just as Enoch and Noah, we, too, have a choice to make, so let's choose well.

Will we walk with God or hide with the world? 

Our eternity depends upon our choice. Choose well.
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