Thursday, September 1, 2016

Living Like We Say We Believe

I've revisited the story of Jairus and his daughter recently and found another important truth. You may remember them. His daughter was desperately ill and he ran to Jesus. Jesus was seemingly distracted by multiple needs. By the time Jesus got around to Jairus' need, his daughter was already dead. 

But Jesus.

Jesus raised her from the dead.

Jairus, was a synagogue official. He was an important public figure who was well known in his community. When his daughter became ill, he fell at the feet of Jesus and begged Him to come to see her. He didn't care who saw him do that outrageous act. 

He and his family experienced the most wonderful intervention of God imaginable. His daughter, who had died, was raised to life again by Jesus. Those two incredible words, "Child, arise," changed his life forever. Going forth from that healing, he was, undoubtedly, a different man. 

You might expect that Jairus would become a key player in the kingdom of God. In our culture, he would have written a best-selling testimonial and a zippy speech, commanded thousands for speaking engagements, and traveled everywhere, telling people about his experience. 

None of that happened. 

That day, he likely had a great celebration with his wife and daughter. His heart probably nearly burst with joy. The next day, he was probably back at the synagogue, just like always, doing the tasks he always did. 

His life went on. 

The thing that was different was Jairus. He had experienced the most intimate time imaginable with the Triune God and he was changed forever. He had shared a "secret" with Jesus that was not to be shared with others. (Jesus instructed him to tell no one.) 

Can you imagine having the kind of news Jairus had, but being unable to tell anyone?

What Jairus was to do was not tell what happened but to show what happened by the life he lived from that day forward. 

Because of the work of Jesus in his life, he was to be different in every area. Home. Synagogue. Business. With family and friends. 

A crowd was there when he fell at Jesus' feet. Those people knew that his point of change happened right there. Imagine the talk. "That Jairus has been a different man since he fell down at the feet of Jesus."

Oh, that they would say the same for us! No one cares about our words if they are not borne out in our actions. 

We must not just talk about our faith, but live it in such a way that we give incontrovertible proof of the power of God in our lives. 

Today, let's live like we mean what we say we believe. 

Her parents were amazed; but He instructed them to tell no one what had happened. (Luke 8:56 NASB)
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