Saturday, September 3, 2016

Jesus Compliance

We are, in an odd way, a nation of compliance, although it's not always the kind of compliance I wish we had. The government mandates an action, and we have to comply, because of the authority behind the mandate. There's HIPPA compliance. OSHA compliance. AHCA (Affordable Health Care Act) compliance. Tax compliance. Traffic law compliance.

In the midst of all the man-made rules we're required to follow, there's a more importance kind of compliance with which we need to concern ourselves.

Jesus compliance. 

Luke tells us that Jesus taught with the kind of authority that demanded compliance, as well. His, however, was a greater authority than any government on earth has ever had.

"and they were amazed at His teaching, for His message was with authority." (Luke 4:32 NASB)

Exousia is the Greek word translated here as "authority". It indicates both the power to do something (might or strength) and the right to do it (jurisdiction). The implication is that Jesus is not only an expert in his area, but also someone who must be obeyed. 

I tend to think of authority as one of three things, either police/enforcement authority, governmental/legislative authority, or expert-in-the-field authority. In this instance, "authority" means all three. 

When Jesus spoke, He was not merely an expert on Scripture. He also spoke as one who has power over how we respond to what He says, as well as the authority to enforce that power.  

He wasn't just speaking AS one who has authority; He was the one who HAS authority. 

That kind of authority demands a response. It requires that we evaluate our lives, see where we fail to measure up, and make any changes necessary to bring our lives into compliance. 

Jesus compliance isn't easy, but it's not optional, either. 

Today, let's spend a few minutes looking at our lifestyles. How compliant are we with the teaching of Jesus? How faithful are we to obey the One who must be obeyed?

Let's recognize our failings in comparison to Christ, acknowledge His authority, and make whatever changes are needed to bring our lives into compliance with Him.
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