Saturday, November 12, 2016

Taking a Risk and Praying for Doers

8 Days of Hope workers after a completed project

Jesus did not serve merely as a divine speaker, wrapped in a coat of flesh, preaching to anyone who would listen. He did so much more. Matthew tells us Jesus was "going about all of the cities and the villages, teaching... proclaiming... healing... seeing... feeling compassion." He was on the move and making a difference.

His didn't just feel sorry for people. He did something about it, and He expects us to do something, too. 

"Then He said to His disciples, 'The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Therefore, beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.'" (Matt. 9:37,38 nasb)

This wasn't a friendly suggestion, even if Jesus wrapped it in the softest of words. He meant for us to pray for God to send workers. 

What He didn't mention is that, when we pray, the worker God decides to send might be us. I know that from personal experience. 

After Katrina, I prayed for help and God sent me. After the tornado that hit Tupelo and Louisville, I prayed for workers and God sent me. After I attended the missions conference last year, I prayed quite a bit about workers. As you probably know, God sent me.

My new ministry involves recruiting and coordinating the prayer efforts for our missionaries.  As part of that, of course, I learn about the needs of missionaries and pray for them. 

Just this morning, one of the missionaries emailed, "I need to step back from some of my ministry responsibilities to be more available for my husband and children, but we will need another teacher if I am to do that." 

Once again, I'm praying for workers to help in the harvest. What I've come to realize during the past few weeks is that the harvest truly is plentiful, but the workers are a sparse few. 

Body of Christ, we could work together to get the harvest in, if we would. We could have a worldwide awakening to the truth of God's love and the saving blood of Jesus. It's not too hard for our Lord to accomplish, but He has commanded us to be participants. He's doing His part. Are we doing ours?

We are to pray (Matt 9:38) and to go. (Matt. 28:19,20) 

Today, let's turn our hearts from the political realm and it's concerns. Instead, let's focus on the spiritual realm and the concern of the harvest in the field. 

Jesus described the fields as "white". Ripe and ready. No farmer would leave their harvest in the field. Neither should we. People around the world are perishing without Jesus (including in this country). We can do something about that, and we should. One step at a time. 

It all begins by praying for workers. Not everyone who prays will be sent, but some of us will, and, when we're sent, we'll go. When we go, people will learn about the beautiful love of Christ that sets us free. Some will accept Him and join in the work. Before you know it, the love of God will spread around the world. 

Today, let's make a start. Pray for God to call workers willing to go for both short-term and long-term mission efforts. Get ready, though. The worker He calls may be you. 
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