Monday, January 9, 2017

How to Make God Laugh

There are probably many things that make God laugh, including the laughing Mamie (pictured above), but Scripture tells us there is one thing that definitely makes God laugh. (Leanna Paraphrase coming up)

I have seldom read a passage of Scripture more appropriate to today's culture than Psalm 2. It's a warning to mankind, and asks the question, "Why is everyone in an uproar trying to get rid of God?" 

All the world leaders, the psalmist says, have conspired together to free themselves from what they consider the bondage of God. It's their foolishness that makes God laugh.

"Show a little sense here, leaders. God is laughing at you. It's impossible to be free of God in this world. It all belongs to Him.

"God may laugh at you now, but, one day, He'll get tired of this. When He does, watch out. His laughter-turned-to anger is ferocious," the psalmist warned.

God's answer to foolish man's rebellion was His Son, and He offered Him the nations as an inheritance. We are a mess, but Jesus, in a truly remarkable act of mercy and grace, accepted us and redeemed us. 

The psalmist wrapped truth in a warning. "One day, Jesus will rule over this earth, and He'll shatter all this nonsense like an iron rod hitting a clay pot.

"If you know what's good for you, you'll forget your arrogant pride and turn back to God. You don't want what's coming. Do what I do: take refuge in God. That's where the blessing is."

The psalmist is right. It's past time to get over our foolishness, and embrace the truth of God. It's evident everywhere we look. The heavens and all of nature declare His glory. Who are we to deny His existence? His goodness? His love? 

Let's get over ourselves and get back to God. Humble ourselves before. Listen and obey. We won't gain His blessings with scoffing, but with obedience and reverence. 

Bend the knee. Bow the head. Acknowledge the One who loves us most.
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