Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Life We Were Created to Live

"I'm tired of repenting, Lord." It was one of the most pitiful prayers I've ever prayed, but perhaps one of the most honest. 

I'd been in a state of non-stop conviction for weeks. A few weeks in James will do that for you. I'd repented until I didn't think I could repent anymore, then found another sin in need of repentance.

I'd seen myself as I was, and I wasn't impressed. I had thought I was doing okay. James showed me different.

I loved James when I started writing. Midway through, my fervor wavered. It was only when I was nearly done with the work that I began to understand the powerful primer he's written.

James was Jesus' little brother. He knew about not measuring up. He knew what the walk of faith Jesus intended looked like, because he'd watched Jesus every day of his life. You know how younger brothers are. They idolize their big brothers, especially one as nice as Jesus. 

Private Jesus was one thing. Public Jesus was altogether different. His words sounded crazy to James. And then, the crucifixion. Resurrection. 

Suddenly, it all made sense.

James knew the Christian life because he knew the Christ. He'd lived with Him far longer than any of the disciples. He wrote what he knew.

This is a primer on how to live the Christian life. Quit whining. Get the sin out. Stop faking. Love your neighbor. Stop hoarding and start giving. Pray real and pray big. Get off the pew and get in the world. Tell people the truth you know.

THIS is how we, who call ourselves Christians, are supposed to live. James' words convict us because we're not doing it.

If I am to be the Leanna God created me to be, I have to live the life James described. It's the life I was saved to live. The life YOU were saved to live.

Even if you don't participate in the James study, I urge you to read through those five chapters in the back of your Bible. They will change your life. If you'll let them.

We were created for radical obedience, astounding adventure, unimaginable joy, and all-pervasive peace, but we'll never have it sitting on a pew. 

Today, let's make a start. Open our Bibles. Allow God to speak to us through those pages. Do what He says. It's that simple. 

"Consider it all joy, my brethren..." James 1:2 nasb
The James study will be available January 15th at As always, there's no charge, but there will be the opportunity for a suggested donation to cover the cost of producing the materials.
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