Wednesday, February 1, 2017

When Praying Becomes Cursing

The instructions were simple. "Use BLB to compare and contrast the words translated as “bless” and “curse” in James 3:9." I expected the answer to be simple and easy. After all, I'd written the question. 

This morning, I clicked on the link for "bless" and found exactly what I expected: "to celebrate with praises". 

When I clicked on the link for "curse," the Vine's definition stopped me in my tracks. "To pray against or wish evil against another person."(1)

Those words were like a dagger straight to my heart. I literally gasped. That's the way the Word of God is supposed to work. Sharper than a two-edged sword. Cutting straight to the evil in our hearts.

I hadn't wished evil against another person, but I had prayed against them. Just yesterday. I'd rehearsed the wrong they were doing and prayed that God would stop them in their tracks... A few more strong suggestions followed.

Not once did I pray for redemption.

"And so blessing and cursing come pouring out of the same mouth. Surely, my brothers and sisters, this is not right!" James 3:10 NLT

I didn't use "curse words" and I certainly didn't intend to pray evil against them. Strictly speaking, however, my prayer was worded in such a way that I cursed the one whose behavior concerns me so.

I've repented.

I've prayed the biggest prayer I can think of this morning. Blessings, not curses. I still want to see God change the situation, to stop this wrong behavior, but I also want Him to bring good from evil and draw the wayward one to Himself. To bring redemption. 

I've prayed a very different prayer today. I hope it's one God wants to answer in a way that changes the situation so that it glorifies Him.

These days, there's more "tongue-trouble" than I've ever seen before. We speak with venom against anyone with whom we disagree. I suspect our prayers (not just my prayers) reflect the same attitudes. We end up praying curses instead of blessings.

This should not be.

I've repented. I hope you'll join me.

Whether we're speaking/praying about elected officials or the neighbor down the street, let's stop cursing them with words and prayers. Instead, begin to pray for blessings of conviction, repentance, deliverance, healing, wisdom. 
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(1) "G2672 - kataraomai - Strong's Greek Lexicon (NASB)." Blue Letter Bible. Accessed 1 Feb, 2017.