Saturday, June 10, 2017

Guest Blogger Lindsey Knott: Rejection

The spirit of rejection. It's a big one for me. I think I'm finally rid of it and then I uncover a bit more still deep within me, hiding, clawing, and trying to alter my relationship with God.

It's as if rejection mimics the properties of broken glass. You think you have finally removed every last shard of glass, but then you step on a tiny sliver when you least expect it. Recently, God lovingly unveiled a tiny remnant left behind. You see, I want to go deeper in Him. I know it is available. I know He is offering it to me, as He is to all of us.

Yet, when I feel I'm on the brink of something deeper, I wonder if He will really pull through. Why?

I don't think I'm lacking in faith that He can do it. But I am lacking in faith that it will actually happen to me - if He really wants to do that for me.

Of course, the answer is an unrestrained and resounding YES! Our God is personal and relational. Each of His promises are for every single person on earth, yet they are also hand crafted for each individual. Yes, He does love everyone. But specifically He loves YOU. He loves ME. Beyond our comprehension, He is simultaneously inviting all of humanity and each individual into His all-encompassing depths. We need not fear rejection from such a loving and faithful Father. 

In the face of truth, we can bind rejection. Our Daddy redeemed us and sanctified us. We are no longer something old, but a new creation. We are His beloved children. Rejection is no longer ours to bear. Instead, we can wear love and share it with everyone we encounter.
Guest blogger Lindsey Knott blogs at Love the Learning. (follow the link to read more)

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