Friday, June 9, 2017

Invading the Darkness With Light

bombed-out building in Israel

We had an interesting discussion at the office yesterday, and I can't get it out of my mind. I had been invited to a meeting located in an area that some people consider dangerous. There are dangerous things about the neighborhood, but the place I was headed was, I thought, completely safe. There are some "bad" people there, but there are also a lot of good people.

"I'm going," I told our mission director, Steadman Harrison.

We discussed my decision for a few moments, then he said a wise thing. "Well, we're willing to go to the Syrian border. Why wouldn't we go into a neighborhood near here? It can't be any more dangerous than Syria..."

Why wouldn't we go? 

Those words have haunted me ever since.

When I say that God goes before me like a banner and Goodness and Mercy follow me, I'm not being flippant. I'm quoting straight from Scripture. It's not being irresponsible or foolish to trust those words. 

They're truth and we're supposed to believe them enough to stake our lives on them. 

Here's the problem... we don't believe the truth. That's why we've stayed behind safe walls rather than go into the most difficult areas with the light of Christ. I know, because I've been that person, but I'm not anymore.

I've seen the destruction the enemy has caused while we've stayed home, and it's heartbreaking. He's planted the minds of mothers and fathers, of sons and daughters, with lies, and it has reaped a harvest that's almost unbelievable. What passes for "normal" behavior these days is simply astounding. Evil reigns because God's people have allowed it.

Body of Christ, we have the light of God. Why would we leave the darkness to flourish? It's the nature of darkness to expand, to gather more territory. 

All that's needed for darkness to recede is for the light to shine. People of the light, it's time to shine in places where light is needed. 

We're not all called to the same darkness, but we're all called to be the light in the darkness somewhere. Where is the darkness to which we are called? How much light are we shining there? What will happen if we fail to invade the darkness with light?

In case you're wondering, I went. The first line of the opening prayer was a complete confirmation for me. "Lord, send the Holy Spirit to direct everything we do..." 

I thought I was taking the light, but, as it turns out, the light was already there.

"Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16 nasb
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