Monday, November 4, 2013

The Unexpectedly Grateful Heart, part 3

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know it seems like I'm early with that greeting, but this grateful heart project is changing my perspective on Thanksgiving a bit. Today, the schedule was super long, and I started the day concerned about my ability to stay on time with that many patients. It worked out perfectly, though, and it seemed like I had plenty of time with everyone, but somehow was still ahead of schedule off and on throughout the day. It helped that someone had scheduled me a two-hour lunch break, of course, but we won't discuss that! Being on time is always cause for rejoicing, so many thanks went up because of it. 

One of my patients had had a wound for a very long time, but it was finally healed today. What a celebration we had! There were hugs all around, clapping and cheering! Everyone was thrilled. Of course, this too was cause for rejoicing, and many thanks went up because of it. 

The celebration, however, made me wonder about something. Why don't we celebrate like that when spiritual wounds are healed? How wonderful it is when someone finally relinquishes anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, shame, or any other wound that, allowed to fester, has become an opportunity for sin!  If the angels in heaven are rejoicing over such victory, shouldn't we?  Before we get back to thanksgiving in unexpected places, I want to tell you that, if you have a spiritual wound that gets healed, let me know.  I will happily rejoice with you! I LOVE celebrating! 

When I arrived home, the gate in front of my house was closed. I, of course, immediately thought the cows were out. Looking back, that was a truly dumb assumption, but I was dreading looking for cows in the pitch black dark. It turned out that Bill The Magnificent (who helps me on my farm ) had just forgotten to open it after putting hay out. All was well and I was worried for nothing, but I was rejoicing and thanking God anyway. I have spent more than enough time hunting animals in the dark over the last 24 years! 

Thinking I might have to hunt cows made me remember how much I LOVE cows! I can not begin to tell you how much I love having cows. I like having them better in spring, but even in the dark, rainy nights, I still like them. My cows are so nice, too, that I stopped and thanked God for letting me be a cowgirl all these years. He is so nice to me!!  If you think about my cows and how much I like them, feel free to Eat More Beef. 

There is another truly amazing thanksgiving. I fried oysters for the first time ever tonight!! I have almost never fried anything, so my boss had to tell me how to do it. I was able to follow those directions exactly, and my oysters were golden brown with a wonderfully crispy crust. Perfect! More thanksgiving - for a new skill and for a super yummy dinner. 

I have given thanks all day, and the night is still young. More than likely, there will be more opportunities for thanksgiving before bedtime. What about your day? Have you given thanks today, too? I hope so. 

One other thing... I'm giving thanks for YOU! How precious it is to me that you take time to read all my rambling stories. It means more to me than you can imagine. I'm thanking God for sending you my way, but also thanking you for sharing your time with me. 

Happy Thanksgiving!