Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Unexpectedly Grateful Heart part 8

Today was Sister Saturday. After my mother died, my sister and I wanted to be sure we kept our family close and didn't become adult orphans, so we decided to have a girl day together on a fairly regular basis. Today was our day, and it was a super day! 

We both had gift-making projects that required an extra set of hands for Friday night. Amazingly we were able to complete what we'd planned and I was able to finish my book and upload it to Amazon. There is a lag of twelve hours between when a manuscript is uploaded and when it is available to view. That seemed like two eternities to me, but there was nothing to do but wait. 

My nephew is getting married in two weeks, so there was shopping to do. As we made our way along the aisles of the Charity Sale, I posted about my book, shared the news, checked on how it was doing, and talked nonstop about it. Since it had only been live for two hours and it was not yet 6:00 am, it was really pointless, but I was really excited. Needless to say, I was thrilled by every tiny bit of encouragement. We finished up my Operation Shoebox shopping and my grocery shopping, in addition to my sister's shopping, so we were out for quite a while.  I was non-stop excited the whole time. 

It WAS a super day, but it didn't have a thing to do with the shopping, purchases, or bargains. The best part wasn't the sweet comments and encouragement. It wasn't even the book sales (thank you VERY much!). The best part was that my sister was there to share my joy. She didn't compete with it. She didn't denigrate it. She didn't tell me to hush or that she couldn't stand to hear how excited I was one more time. She just loved me and rejoiced with me. That's not just family. That's love, and I was deeply touched by how sweet my baby sister is, and how kind she was to me today. I am so grateful for her. 

Her response to my joy gives me pause, though. I'm not sure I'm as kind or as willing to rejoice with those who are rejoicing. I want to be though, and I'd like the opportunity to make someone else feel as loved as my baby sister made me feel today.  It would be a pretty tall order on my own. I'm pretty sure that, to love like Baby Sister loves, I'm going to have to let the One who loves us the most love through me.