Friday, November 8, 2013

The unexpectedly grateful heart part 7

There are some days that seem so crazy it's hard to believe they are real. I've had several of those lately. Anyway, so much happened today that I can't even remember it all! What I do remember is really a bit of craziness. 

A donkey got in my pasture! I didn't see this, but my neighbor told me he watched the donkey crawl on its belly under the barbed wire fence. He said the donkey had gotten lonesome wherever it is that it lives and had gone in search of some friends. (I am not making even one word of this up!) Since I have three horses in my pasture, apparently it looked like a fun place to hang out. (And it is!). Bill the Magnificent was in charge of feeding tonight, so he let the horses in the barn and in comes the donkey. I only had three open stalls, so the donkey was the odd man out. Or the odd equine out, I guess. 

No one knew what to do with the donkey. Sam (the neighbor) was supposed to call the donkey's owners but decided to leave it loose in the barn. I could not see that going any direction that was good, so I forbid the donkey to spend the night. It's Sister Saturday tomorrow and my sister and I are going to the charity sale. I will be at the barn at 4:45 tomorrow. There is no way I am dealing with a lonely runaway crawling donkey at that hour!  It was all very exciting but, at the end, it was pretty uneventful.  Sam called the owners and they came over and got their donkey. 

That donkey was an interesting diversion, but I was super thankful the owners took him home. I'm even more grateful that there won't be a donkey loose in my barn in the pre-dawn hours of Sister Saturday! 

Have a nice weekend, read lots of blog posts, and happy thanksgiving!