Monday, December 16, 2013

Leaving the Boat Behind (Luke 5:11)

When they had brought their boats to land, they left everything and followed Him. (Luke 5:11 NASB)

For days, I've been saying, "We will see..." At last we arrive at part of that seeing. 

This is who was seized by amazement:
Simon Peter
All his companions in his boat
James and John the sons of Zebedee

When "they" arrived at shore, they left it all and followed Jesus. We don't know whether or not Simon's companions were among the leavers but we do know that James and John were. The three business partners stepped out of the boat and walked away. The word for leaving here is also used to denote divorce. They made a complete break with fishing. 

Let's look again at what they left. They stepped out of the boat and left "it all" behind. What else was there? All their "stuff", including nets, fishing tackle and gear, and (don't forget) that miraculous catch of fish. I imagine one of the companions arranged for the disposition of the fish and for the distribution of the proceeds from the sale, but we don't know that for sure. What we do know is that their possessions and their wealth paled in comparison to Jesus. 

These three men walked away with a miracle-working preacher who they hoped was the Messiah. They almost certainly  imagined a political kingdom and a return to the days of King David, and for a while that would seem a real possibility. These men changed their lives forever with their decision that day. Old ways were passed away. Behold, new things had come. Paul would write about that change in the believer years later, but Simon Peter, James, and John were among the first to experience it. 

What is amazing is that, more than 2000 years later, the same kind of change is still possible, and we are still called to leave the "old things" and the old ways behind. Is there anything from your life before Christ that you need to leave behind?

Today, pray that we and our loved ones will willingly walk away from whatever keeps us from Jesus and will embrace His truth, His righteousness, His ways.