Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Healing Party

It was incredibly busy at work. The schedule was jam-packed, but somehow I managed to get all the patients seen and spend a little time with every person. 

I had finally made it to the last patient of the day. By that point I was pretty tired, so I was hoping for a wound that was doing well and that did not need a procedure. 

When I walked in, he was smiling and said, "I think it's gonna look really good when you get through cutting." 

Yep. It was going to need a procedure. 

I sat down and got started. One of my favorite things in this world is to gently cut away the dead tissue and find healthy tissue beneath. Even better (but rare) is to find intact skin under all the dead tissue. I worked slowly as I cleared away the debris of the wound. A thick callus had also developed, and needed to go. 

As I cleared the callus, I realized that there was some good skin. The nurse saw my smile and leaned over for a look, but I quickly covered the wound. "Nope. No peeking until I'm done."  Another few minutes, and all the dead tissue and thick callus were removed. In their place was fragile but healthy skin. Intact skin. 

I could hardly believe it! We had been working on this wound for years. Most of that time, we'd been trying to convince the patient about the importance of decreasing the pressure on his foot and getting proper nutrition, especially protein. A few months ago, he finally understood, began following recommendations, and had enjoyed a steady improvement ever since. 

"See what you think," I said. He pulled his foot up, got a good look, and let out a whoop! "I told you it would look good when you got through cutting!!" He was laughing and smiling. 

A spontaneous healing party erupted. 

He was whooping, I was clapping, and my nurse was laughing at us both. We took pictures of the wound, pictures of patient and physician together, congratulated each other, and laughed some more! We shared the photos with every staff person in our clinic. He was as thrilled as could be. 

I may have written this before, but it's worth repeating:

What I don't understand about the body of Christ is why we don't get that excited about spiritual healing.  

When I give something to Jesus and manage to leave it with Him, I'm pretty happy. 

Celebrating is such fun to me that I celebrate something almost every day anyway, but I also celebrate what Christ does for me and in me with my friends. 

I hardly ever see a spontaneous "I gave up bitterness" celebration, though. 

If there has ever been an "I gave up unforgiveness" party, I was not invited. 

Is our failure to celebrate spiritual healing because we aren't allowing healing, we don't want to admit we needed healing, or that we don't think a healed heart is a miracle worth celebrating? 

I'd really like to know.  

Here's my challenge to you. 

Let Jesus heal something. 


Let Him have a hurt, some bitterness or unforgiveness, jealousy, greed. Let Him have anything really, as long as it's something you need to be rid of and can't do yourself. When He does it, rejoice and find someone who will rejoice with you! Have a celebration. 

I think you'll find such joy in the healing and the expressions of gratitude that you will want to give Jesus something else, just because it's fun!  

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