Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Backwards Advent and Love Week

Yes. I realize this is a pitiful excuse for an Advent wreath. Once upon a time, I had a green pottery candle holder, but it is long gone (pottery shards). Usually I decorate this one with greenery and it is much more festive, but it's been a busy holiday season. Since I wrote an Advent devotional, it seemed a travesty not to celebrate Advent, so I pulled out a hodgepodge of candles and proceeded to light them and read the devotional every evening. 

Although I've celebrated with an Advent wreath for years, this year I couldn't seem to get the order right. Today was the Joy candle, and it is pink. You may have noticed that I have lit all the colored candles already. That's because I've tried to make every Sunday's candle the Love candle (hence the third purple candle) and we still haven't had the Love week! 

Doesn't that sound like a good idea?  A Love week? I don't mean a Woodstock lovefest. I mean an Agape Love week, where we who belong to Jesus would demonstrate Agape love (the unconditional love of Christ) to everyone we meet, no matter how unlovely. Isn't that a marvelous idea? It's worth considering, since Love Week doesn't actually start until next Sunday. 

I have considerably more to say about Advent, but I will save it for another day. For now, think about celebrating Love Week with me. It would be a terrific preparation for the birth of our Savior (since it's how we are supposed to live anyway). 

Love week. Seven days away. Get ready.