Saturday, December 28, 2013

Visit with the thief

Today was the sweetest day. Ryan and I went to Starkville to visit with family there. We laughed, reminisced, and watched old family movies. It was amazing to see my grandmother smiling, my Aunt Mel laughing and waving, and Aunt Velma in a flower-laden hat.  After we returned home, I thought about how nice it was to see them again, and that one day we would all be together.

My mind tends to wander pretty far afield,  and I started thinking about who else would be in heaven when I get there. Ryan and I were eating supper when I blurted out, "Hey, the thief on the cross will be there!" Ryan just looked at me and said, "What? Where?" "The thief on the cross, Ryan. You remember him. He's gonna be in heaven when I get there." He just shook his head and kept eating. "I bet he's the most grateful person in heaven. He was seconds from hell and ended up spending eternity with Jesus. Wow!" 

When I get to heaven, he's one of the people I want to meet. His is a story of pure redemption. When all hope was lost, Jesus intervened. Just like He did for me.  Just like He did for you. 

Perhaps you've been in one of those "all hope is lost" situations, or maybe you are still there. The great thing about hopeless situations is that, when you give your situation to Him, Jesus can transform it in an instant. Before you know it, hopeless can become hope-filled and life can change in unimaginable ways. Don't believe me? Just ask the thief on the cross. 

One day, I'm going to see my Grandmother, and Aunt Mel, and Aunt Velma again. We will laugh and have a wonderful time. I'm going to be looking for the thief, too. I'd like to hear his story of redemption and spend time together giving thanks for all God has done. I hope to see you there, too.