Monday, January 27, 2014

Advance gratitude

With more cold weather a few hours away, I thought it would be a good idea for me to start thanking God for the circumstances beforehand. I'd hate to grumble my way through the next three days of ice and cold. 

Here's my list:
-14° is not nearly as cold as 7° was a few days ago.  14° used to be extreme, but not anymore. Now 7° is extreme. 
- It's not raining! 
- It's not snowing!
- Although I'm feeding in the mornings, Bill the Magnificent is feeding in the evenings. I only have to deal with the not-extreme cold once in the morning and I'm done. 
- Since the hose split on our automatic watering system for the cattle, the temporary method I devised actually means that I have a better system of running water for the cows. I might not have to haul water to them!
- This summer I'm going to wish for cooler weather. I'll miss this cold. 
- There will be fewer insects to harass me in my garden this summer. I'm going to be so grateful for this cold!
- For women of a certain age, there are fewer hot flashes when it's this cold, and that is why I'm likely to celebrate the cold!
- I probably burn more calories walking to the barn in the cold than I do in more temperate weather. Maybe I want more cold!
- This cold won't last forever!
-Jesus spent three days in the tomb and emerged victorious over sin and death. It may be that there is something wonderful waiting for me at the end of these three cold and icy days!

Well, bring it on! I feel much better already, and I hope you do, too!