Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Arctic Blast: Round Two

After the last arctic blast, with all the water problems I encountered and all the water I hauled in my very fabulous garden wagon, this new artic blast was (I have to admit it) quite a disappointment. That was the very reason I made a list of reasons to be grateful in the midst of the cold. That list REALLY helped me and, since I have just finished hauling an insane amount of water to the cows, who seem to be extremely thirsty today, it's time for another list of reasons for thanks.

1) I cannot believe I am thinking this, let alone writing it, but I am grateful I broke my hand last Christmas. Because I was in a great big mess trying to take care of all the critters one-handed, I went in search of a wagon. At TSC, I found a marvelous garden wagon that lifts up and is like a little garden dump truck. It is just wonderful, but without my fracture, I would have never seen a need for it and never purchased it. This is extremely pertinent because that wagon has been invaluable in hauling all this water. The best part is that, when I go over the cattle gap and half the water splashes out of my buckets, the dump-truck function allows me to drain it right back in! How great is that?  
2) One of my patients wanted to come early today, we had a spot, and I ended up leaving the office early. That is doubly wonderful because I was able to haul almost all the water in the daylight! Even better, my patient came with a box of his wife's homemade chocolate covered cherries and coconut bonbons! Those are both unbelievably delicious and outrageously decadent and I am ashamed to say how many pieces of candy I ate. The good news is I have hauled water for more than an hour and burned a few of those candy calories off already!
3) Sam Wiley worked for me from the time I moved to the farm until his hip fracture a couple of years ago. We've done everything together, driven each other crazy, and have become family after all this time. He misses working but is too frail to do much of anything. It just turned out, though, that I had a few little tasks tonight that he could do, he was not quite as wobbly as usual, and we were able to work together to get the job done. He was tickled pink and I was thrilled to have pleased him so much!
4) Because I got everything done so early, I'm finished with all my evening chores early and have time to sit down for a few minutes and relax! What a treat!
Even better, my artic thanks list has cheered me so much that I feel like celebrating!

Many blessings dear readers! Be sure to give thanks in whatever situation you find yourself tonight. Do not fail to pray for all those who are without water, power, or heat or are stranded in difficult circumstances. Stay warm, stay safe, stay thankful!