Thursday, January 30, 2014

Somebody's Praying

Today was a super busy day with more unusual challenges than I really wanted to meet. It was surprisingly smooth until mid-afternoon, when I began to think my day had the potential to completely unravel. I really wanted to act like Jesus in every situation, so I emailed someone I knew would pray and asked them to help.

After work, I had to pick up Maggie the Wonder Dog from play day, run by the grocery, stop by the Sao Thai restaurant, then head home to meet someone at 6:30. Wonder Dog pick up was smooth, but the grocery store was just a fiasco. If I try to tell you about it, I might cry. It was that frustrating. Hint to stock boys: do not put the baking powder on a shelf so high that the average mommy has to have a ladder to reach it. I could not find what I wanted and what I could find was on such a high shelf that I couldn't reach it. 

As I headed to the restaurant, I was blinking back tears and I prayed out loud. "Lord, I need someone to pray for me."  Just as I said it, I remembered, "Oh yeah someone is praying", and I was reassured. Even more comforting was the fact that Jesus was praying for me as well. (Hebrews. 7:25).  My heart was strangely warmed and I settled in to the comforting knowledge of two intercessors praying for my needs and that I would be faithful to the call of Christ. 

Tears dried in an instant, and I proceeded with the day. It was hard, but made much better because of those faithful prayers. Tonight, as you consider the difficult circumstances of your life, remember that you do not face them alone. There is One who is praying for you, and His prayers never fail.