Monday, January 13, 2014

Eternal investments

One of my patients was telling me about her upcoming trip to the beach. She and her husband plan to spend two months there. They've been going for years and are delighted that they can enjoy yet another few months in the sun and sand. Their daughter was with them, and laughed. "Yeah, they're going to spend my inheritance," she said, "and I'm glad they are!"

That somehow led to a conversation about not being able to "take it with you" when you die. I remembered a story I'd read about a wealthy widow who was asked how much money her husband left behind. Her answer was, "All of it." Yep. I like my stuff, but it's not going with me when I die. 

Not one "thing" we have here on earth will accompany us into eternity. What we can expect to see in heaven from our time on earth are those whose lives were changed by our investment in them, those people who met Jesus because of the way we shared Him with them. What fun it will be to see the fruit of our efforts! It will be like dividends on an eternal investment. 

As you survey the things in your personal kingdom, ask yourself where you are making the greatest investment - in the things you will leave behind or in the lives and faith of those who will greet you in heaven. Make sure your portfolio includes  eternal investments that will stand the test of time.