Sunday, March 23, 2014

Maggie's Turn: Maggie the Wonder Dog Has An Adventure

Thursdays are super fun days because that's the day I go to play day at the vet's. Lots of my friends go there too and we get to play and play all day long! That's the way it always happens. Fun, fun, fun!  Woof!

Yesterday I went to play day just like I always do, but yesterday was not like always! We had some excitement, and it was very surprising. Of course, I am a Wonder Dog, and I always do what I'm supposed to do. (My mama says I shouldn't have said that, but I'm leaving it because I usually do) I was supposed to play and that's what I did. 

I didn't get to see everything that happened, but I checked it out and here's what I found out. There was a woman who got radared by the police. I don't really know what radared is, but she got a bad grade on her radar test and the very nice policeman wanted her to stop and talk about it. She said, "No! I am not talking about anything!" And she jumped out of her car and ran off. I am just a Wonder Dog and we don't get radar tests, but I know that was not a good thing that she did. My policeman, Mr. Anderson, is very nice, and we always stop and talk to him. It might hurt his feelings if we didn't stop to say hi. My mama says you should always be nice to the policemen because they have a very hard job and have to talk to a lot of people who are not very nice. I guess that lady's mama never told her that. 

Anyway, that woman was running away and decided she needed to change clothes. This was very silly but she ran in to someone's house and she didn't know them! They didn't know her either and they didn't like it for her to run in their house!  They didn't like it for her to take her clothes off, either! Let me tell you, even Wonder Dogs know you should keep your clothes on, especially if you are running in a stranger's house! What was she thinking?

That taking your clothes off at a stranger's house business didn't go too well for her, so she started running some more. She must like running more than my mama does. I guess she heard about how much fun we have at play day, because she ran all the way to play day. She ran right in the front door, but we were not having play day in there, so she ran right out the side door.  Miss Renae and Miss Tanya did not like that one little bit. They do not like clothes-stripping strangers running through the office, even if they have their clothes back on. They called the police, which was a good thing, because the nice policeman still wanted to talk to her about her bad grade on the radar test. They went outside and were waving their arms so the policeman could see them. They looked so pretty waving! They flagged the policeman down!  Hooray for Miss Renae and Miss Tanya!  They are heroes!

I don't know if they ever got to talk to that lady or not, but she has probably stopped running by now. Somebody needs to give her some lessons for the next time she has a radar test. I just know she could get a better grade if she tried, and she wouldn't have to get so upset and run so much. 

Wonder Dogs go to obedience school, so we know to stop when our mamas and papas tell us to stop. My mama says it is very important to do what our parents say. She says that humans teach their children to obey their parents and to obey the policeman and that it helps them to obey God better. Even Wonder Dogs know to do what God says!  She says humans have trouble with that, and sometimes her breed, the Christians, have a  little trouble with that, too. Maybe it would help if they went to obedience school like I did! 

Wonder Dogs do best with short commands. We learned that at obedience school. Here 's the one for today. 


Well, that seems like two commands. I better shorten it. 


In case you didn't realize it, the One who's always in charge is God. Be SURE you obey Him!  Can someone let that running lady know about the obeying rule? It seems like nobody's told her yet, and I don't want her to scare Miss Renae and Miss Tanya any more! That's about enough for today. I hope my mama lets me talk to you again! I know lots of things that can help you stay out of trouble. If you have a radar test, don't panic. Just remember what I've told you and you will be fine. 

The end. From Maggie the Wonder Dog.