Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mamie and the Deadly Attack

I am Mamie the Apprentice Wonder Puppy. You might remember me. One time, my new mama let me tell my side of the trouble we had with my sister. Somethin' real real bad happened tonight. I was so 'fraid that I cried and cried. My mama said it might help to talk about it, so I'm gonna try. 

I'm just a little bitty puppy and I just learned how to bark not long ago. I like barking. But it didn't help me tonight. Nothing helped me at all. Well, except my mama and Jesus. 

My big sister is not very nice. You might've heard of her. Her name is Maggie and she hates me. You prolly think she don' really hate me, but she does. She always talks ugly 'bout me. An' sometimes she calls me ugly names. One time she called me a guinea pig. I don' know what that means, but it sure doesn't sound very nice. Now she calls me a gremlin. It is a mean, growly word. Gremlin. What is that anyway?

Tonight Ole Lou was eatin' his supper. He never minds if I sneak a bite. He's the best dog. He's really big and really old, but really nice. I sneaked up by him, and he looked down with his big brown eyes, and said, "Come on in here, lil' bit. I'm 'bout through anyway. They's plenty fer you."  Maggie was trying to sneak a bite, too, but she didn't ask first. Mama said you are always 'sposed to ask, but Maggie never does. 

Maggie and I were both trying to get a bite. Mr. Lou told me I could, but Maggie said I couldn't. I was having such a happy day, so I ignored her. She's such a grouch!  

The next thing I knew, Maggie got really mad at me and starting growling at me and chased me off the porch. She was barking and growling and I was crying and mama was running and yelling. It was awful!! Maggie pinned me down and my big sister tried to bite me bad. I was so scared. My heart was going so fast I could hardly breathe. I thought I was gonna go to puppy heaven today. I don't want to go to puppy heaven today, though. My mama and Mr Lou are so nice and I have so much fun on the farm. 

Oh, dear!  It was awful scary!! I cried loud and said, "Mama!!! Bring Jesus quick!! Help !" I was just about a goner but my Mama came quick! And she brought Jesus. She jumped in the middle and reached down and grabbed me out!! Jesus helped her. She looked like a grabbin' angel when she came swoopin' down. I was crying and she was, too!  And Maggie BIT our MAMA!!! Mama said it was just a little scratch, but she had blood on her finger. Can you believe that? My mama bled trying to save me! I love my mama so much! 

Oh it was so scary. Maggie is just not nice at all. She was almost a puppy murderer. I guess my mama sorta saved Maggie, too. 

I don't really want to do a lesson, but my mama says that's the job of 'prentice wonder puppy. 

Here's the lesson:
When someone bleeds to save you, they really love you. 

When someone bleeds to save you, you should love them, too. 

That's what my mama did for me. It's what Jesus did for you, too. 

The end. By Mamie the Apprentice Wonder Puppy