Monday, March 24, 2014

What is spoken here?

When I was a full-time potter, one of the items that was consistently popular at the round of festivals and art shows where I sold my wares was a clay plaque that read, "Southern Spoken Here".  One of them hangs above my desk at home, along with a variety of clay crosses and a clay plaque that simply says "Grace".  I've seen those plaques literally hundreds of times over the years.  

Today, however, I've seen them with fresh eyes. As I looked up from my computer and noticed the plaque this afternoon, I thought, "Why Southern?  Why not grace?"  Of course, in the heart of northeast Mississippi, Southern is exactly where and who I am, so that makes sense.  I am also saved by the blood of the Lamb and overwhelmed by His mercy and grace. For that reason, grace should be spoken here, as well.  Mercy should be spoken here.  I hope they are.

This evening, ask yourself what is spoken in your home?  Is it merely a reflection of who and where you are, or does the speech in your home serve as a reflection of WHOSE you are?  May your home be so filled with the love of Christ, that all who enter will say, "Grace spoken here."

Grace Spoken Here