Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday night with friends: Fleeing Temptation

Maggie the Wonder Dog is our guest blogger tonight. She is an eleven pound Shih Tzu that works on her mama's farm and is able to do all manner of amazing things. (She's herding cows in the picture) She's been very busy recently dealing with her apprentice wonder puppy. Please welcome Maggie back as guest blogger. 
I am so happy that my mama finally let me write a blog again! Trying to get my little sister trained as apprentice wonder puppy has been a very hard job. It has not been easy, but that is a story for another today. 

Today, I'm going to tell you about gathering eggs. Well, actually, I'm telling about not gathering the eggs. Here's what happened. 

Mr. Bill the Magnificent has been out of town this week. He is very nice and works very hard helping Mama on the farm. He has so many other jobs, I don't know how he does it! My mama said he needed a rest and it was a good thing he took some time off. 

Anyway, I just love for Mr. Bill to take off. When he is away, my mama does all the work on the farm, and she lets me help. This morning, we went to the barn and fed everyone, brushed the horses, and let them out for their day. I found a chicken feather, and Mama let me carry it all day long!

This afternoon, we worked at the new greenhouse. I just love it when mama starts digging!  I really like rolling in the dirt she just dug. I don't think she likes it as much as I do, but she laughs. (Usually.)

This evening, we went back to the barn to feed and I heard the chickens squawking. Mama was going in to gather the eggs and feed them, but she wouldn't even let me in the door of their pen. I thought they were saying, "Maggie, Maggie, let's play," and I tried to explain that to Mama, but she would not listen. 

I really like playing with the chickens and they like playing chase with me. When I bark, they will run and squawk, and flap their wings. They can run fast! They always let me chase them, and they never chase me. That's the best way to play chase! It's my favorite game. 

Mama said, "Maggie, you are supposed to be fleeing temptation. You know what happened with the chickens the last time!" Yes, I do, but I was kinda hoping she had forgotten. I was playing chase with the chickens, and they were running and squawking like always. My mama told me to stop, but I didn't see any harm in a little chase, so I kept playing. 

All of a sudden, I tagged one of my mama's good chickens. It was one that lays green eggs, and she was flapping her wings like crazy! She didn't like getting tagged on the neck very much. Anyway, I was so happy that I shook her just like my pull toy. I don't think that shaking business is good for chickens. It makes them stop flapping, and they won't ever play chase again.

My mama was so upset. You would not have believed it. She talked about my nature and that I was going to have to get rid of that bad chicken shaking habit. I couldn't understand that. I like chicken shaking, and it doesn't hurt me one bit. It helps me run faster, and it makes me stronger. I don't think it hurts me at all, but Mama said, "Maggie, it may not hurt you, but it has destroyed this chicken. You have to think about others when you decide to do something." I was in time out for a long time about that chicken. 

Today, I really thought just a little chicken chasing wouldn't hurt. It's not like I was going to do any chicken shaking, but Mama says, "One thing will lead to another. Flee." I had some fleas one time. That was not fun at all. I didn't want anything to do with flea-ing, but Mama laughed. She said, "No, no, Maggie. Not fleas. Flee. It means to run away from doing something that is wrong or will get you in trouble or might hurt someone else. And you need to flee from anything that involves my chickens!"

Well, I didn't want that chicken-shaking time out again, so I flee'd. (Actually my mama helped. She kept the latch on the chicken door.)

Here's the Wonder Dog Lesson of the day:
Flee what's wrong
Flee what hurts others. 
Even if you don't really want to. 
And especially if my mama's chickens are involved. 

The end. By Maggie the Wonder Dog