Thursday, July 10, 2014

Parable of the Lamp, Part 3:

“No one lights a lamp and then covers it with a washtub or shoves it under the bed. No, you set it up on a lamp stand so those who enter the room can see their way.” (Luke 8:16 MSG)

Previously, we learned that the Parable of the Sower dealt with how we receive the Word of God. This Parable of the Lamp deals with what we do with the Word once we have received it. In fact, the shinning light comes straight from the hand of God. The fuel for the lamp represents the Holy Spirit and is supplied by God. The fire is supplied by God as well, and is "fastened" there as a permanent flame, intended to burn forever. 

Jesus addressed the issue of what we do with this Holy Spirit fire once we receive it. "“No one lights a lamp and then covers it with a washtub or shoves it under the bed." Of course, we don't put the lamp with an open flame under the bed. What would happen? The bed would extinguish the flame. Of course, we don't put a washtub over it. Again, it would extinguish the flame because both foolish choices would deprive the flame of the oxygen it needs to continue to burn. In trying to hide the flame to protect it, we would actually smother it. 

The purpose of the flame that has been kindled by God is clear. It is to show others the way. In fact, a road sign is not needed if the lamp is placed in the right place and allowed to burn where others can see it. When the light shines on the lamp stand, the way is made clear. 

This lamp stand is a critical part of the lamp's work, and it cannot do its work without it. The lamp will not be effective without proper positioning. The lamp stand is positioned so that the lamp can be placed in just the right spot to shine light on just the right path to show those who come near just the right way. The lamp stand, the lamp, the flame, the firelight - every part is a vital piece of God's plan. Nothing can be left out if His plan is to be fully accomplished. 

What are we doing with the flame God has kindled in us? Are we trying to hide it and risking extinguishing the fire or are we allowing Him to place our lamps on the lamp stand of His choosing to shine His light on the path He desires?

Lamps were never intended to be hidden away, and neither is the flame of God in us. 

Pray today that we will allow the fire of His love to shine brightly in us so that all who come near will clearly see the way. 
The terrorist of the week is Nasir al Wuhayshi. Don't forget to pray that God will change his heart and transform his life. 
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