Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lessons from the battlefield, part 19: fighting on our knees

2 Chronicles 32


Senacherib arrived outside Jerusalem with a challenge for the people.  “Look at my big bad self and tremble!” he told them.  He actually expected to take the town with bold words, terrifying threats, and empty claims.  In other cities, this technique had, amazingly, worked.  In Jerusalem, however, it failed miserably.  

Senacherib failed not because Hezekiah and his army were bigger or tougher but because Hezekiah used his most powerful weapon right from the start – PRAYER.  The king and the prophet Isaiah “prayed and cried out to heaven,” abandoning themselves to the mercy of the God who never fails.  Before the attack could begin, God sent a warring angel to annihilate the army of Senacherib.

Hezekiah had prepared as much as he could, but he fought his battle on his knees.  We too, will need much preparation, but just like King Hezekiah, the battle for the hearts and lives of those we love, as well as the great trials of our lives, will be fought on our knees.