Friday, January 29, 2016

Cutting Down a Tree and Praying for Miracles

The topic of friends has been on my mind recently. I've been reading the book of Job and thanking God that I have a different set of friends than Job did. 

I had a Bradford pear tree that was overly tall and had begun to sway precariously in the wind. It needed to go, but I had never cut down a tree before. I'd considered trying to cut it down myself, but needed a tutorial before I attempted it.

I told a family friend about my plan and he just shook his head. "You don't need to try to cut down a tree. I'll cut it down for you."

Yesterday was the day. I watched as he applied chain saw to tree. About half-way through, he stopped and looked around. 

"I forgot my wedge. Can I use yours?"

"What's a wedge?"

"It's a wood-cutting tool that you use to make the tree fall the direction you want it to go."

"I've never heard of that. I'm pretty sure I don't have one."


The sawing had already reached the point of no return and the tree had begun to sway in my direction. Toward the house. 

"Would a rope help?" Maybe he could pull the tree in the right direction, I thought. (Obviously, I know nothing about cutting trees.)

He smiled. "Maybe."

I offered a length of rope and prayed that God would not let the tree hit my house, then went inside. It was easier not to watch.

When no crash came, I went back outside. The tree was on the ground and my friend was grinning like crazy. "Guess what happened?"

"Tell me."

"The tree was going toward the house. I couldn't seem to stop it, even with the rope tied around it. I was pulling like crazy, but it was tilting the other way. But you know how we prayed that God wouldn't let it hit the house? I prayed again that it wouldn't hit the house and asked God to help me and He did. A big breeze came up and blew the tree in the right direction."

It had missed my house, my car, and his truck. It had landed exactly where he had intended.

Was it a miraculous breeze, sent by God to direct the falling of the tree? I choose to think so.

I tell this story to remind us that we serve a God who sees us. He knows our needs, listens to our prayers, and responds to our distress. He never leaves us nor forsakes us. He helps us. He is with us to the end and provides for every need, even when what we need is a strong breeze to direct a falling tree.

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! 
Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." 
Joshua 1:9 nasb

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