Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Sweetness of Snuggling

I'm working my way through the Psalms in my morning devotions and found a verse this morning that was too precious not to share. 

"Surely I have composed and quieted my soul; 
Like a weaned child rests against his mother, 
My soul is like a weaned child within me." 
Psalm 131:2 nasb

David wrote a precious word-picture of his relationship with the Lord. He was writing about the hope he had in the Lord. In the previous verse, he said he didn't involve himself in "great matters or things too difficult for me". 

Although David was a warrior-king who united the nation and took it to its finest hour, he still considered himself a simple man with a simple faith. He described his relationship with the Lord in simple terms, too.

When a child is tired, upset, or afraid, he quiets himself by snuggling against his mother's chest. She wraps her arms around him, holds him tight, and croons to him with the sweet language of mother-love. The child burrows into her embrace and is calmed. Composed. Quieted.

In that same way, when David needed comfort and quiet, he spent time in the presence of his Lord. For him, the time was like a child snuggling against his mother. He found comfort and peace there.

We, too, can find that same snuggling-comfort with our Lord when we approach Him with humility, thanksgiving, and praise. When we abandon our wish-list and are still in His presence, we can find the calm, composed, quiet that David found.

For a moment let's remember the times we snuggled against our own mother, the times we snuggled our own children.

Now, consider having that same sweet comfort with our Lord. 

Ah, how precious.

It can be ours, if we will but be approach Him with our longing and be still long enough to let Him draw us close and love us.

Today, be still. Be quiet. Listen to the sound of our Lord all around us. Snuggle in to His love and embrace the deep intimacy of Jehovah-shalom, The God Who Is Our Peace.
The photo above is of a fountain in Nazareth, Jesus' earthly home town.
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