Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Biggest Miracle of All

Yesterday, I read the passage in John 6 where Jesus went on the mountain to teach and the crowd followed Him. They weren't tagging along because they loved His lessons of truth and righteousness, or because they wanted to know God better.  

They followed because they wanted to see His miracles. (John 6:2)

I read that and was struck to the core. I'm pretty fond of miracles, too. 

I love the sweet way God takes care of every need, even when it requires a miracle to accomplish His purposes. Especially when it takes a miracle. 

The biggest miracle of all is not the way He did a loaves-and-fishes miracle with the corn at the Union County senior citizens lunch a few years ago. We didn't have enough corn. We prayed. God moved. It stretched. It still looked like the same amount, but it never ran out. 

The biggest miracle of all is not the way He did a loaves-and-fishes miracle with the salad at an Emmaus walk one weekend. We had enough salad for, at most, ten people, but we prayed. God moved. It stretched. We fed 83 people with that dab of salad, and had some left over. 

The biggest miracle is not even the sweetness of the Holy Spirit's presence when we pray, although I love it when He fills a room and it pulsates with His presence.

The biggest miracle of all is that God loved sinners like you and me enough to send His Son to save us by dying on the cross and raising from the grave. Accepting His payment for our sin is the biggest miracle possible.

I've had a lot of sin over this lifetime. I'll have a good bit more before I die.  I wish that weren't true, but it is. Jesus' blood sacrifice paid for all of it.

The flashy, dramatic miracles are the ones I tend to savor, but today, I'm choosing to focus on the empty tomb. That's the miracle that changed everything. It made all the other miracles I've seen possible.

It made eternity in heaven possible for me, too. For you.

Today, let's focus on God's face, not His hand. Let's remember that knowing Him is better than knowing His provision (although that's great and fun). 

Let's pursue the relationship Jesus died to give us, the one on which everything else hinges.

Christ has died. Christ has risen. Christ is coming again. Until then, He's with us though His Holy Spirit, and that's definitely worth celebrating.
photo above is of the empty tomb, the traditional burial site of Jesus
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