Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Miracle in the Middle Drawer

This is day two of the miracles mini-series. If you read yesterday's post about The $100 Miracle, you remember that my friend and I were having lunch when I told her about a miracle God had done. She urged me to share what I wanted to keep to myself, and the mini-series was born. 

Our discussion was about fund-raising. I'm a "peer-to-peer funded missionary", which means that people I know and who are my "peers" help fund my ministry. Well, that's the goal, but so far it hasn't worked out like that, because I haven't really done any fund-raising. 

Part of the reason is that I'm not quite through with the process of my sending-church application (another few weeks of that) and part of it is pride. I'm afraid people will say, "She's a doctor. She should practice medicine and fund her own ministry." In a way, that's what I say to myself, although I know it's not possible to do everything at once. 

Another reason I'm so hesitant about fund-raising is that George Mueller (from the 1800's) never did it. He just told God what He needed and He sent it, but sometimes Mueller had to sell the furniture out of his house to pay for food for the hundreds of orphans for which he cared. They always had what they needed, but I'm not quite ready for the furniture-selling method of funding.

This is silly to admit, I guess, but there's also a secret reason I've been slow to fund-raise. I love miracles.

I'm afraid they would slow down if I ask people to help me. I have a beautiful intimacy with God that I don't want to lose. If my ministry is dependent on donors, I fear that would put me in the position of relying on them instead of Him. 

I'm already praying for many $10/month donors who give because God moves their heart, not because they need a tax write-off. I believe those will be the people who will care about the work I'm doing and want to participate through their money and their prayers. I'm happy to have big donors, but I don't want to be dependent on them. (If you're one of the people God has called to help, I'll add a link below)

All that to say, I had a miracle a couple of weeks ago and I loved it.

There had been a little more month than money, and the one who owes me money monthly was short. Again. It always gets paid, but sometimes there's a delay. I understand the circumstances, and I believe God has called me to this financial patience, so I'm persevering. Once again, I wouldn't have been short if it had all arrived on time.

So, I needed to buy gas to go to the office but I only had $4 cash. I didn't want to use my debit card because the balance was getting low. It wasn't $37 low, but low, and my scheduled deposit was still a couple of days away. I was pondering whether to work from home or ask for a miracle of gas fumes and go to the office. 

"Lord, if you want me to go to the office, you'll have to give me some cash," I prayed.

The Still Small Voice answered instantly. "Look in the middle drawer."

I don't really mean to argue with God, but I had already looked in the middle drawer. I'd looked in all the other usual places I stash a few dollars, too. There was nothing there.

"Which drawer is that, Lord? The middle drawer of my desk doesn't have any money in it. I looked there yesterday."

The impression of the middle drawer was so strong that I quit arguing and went to look.

I pulled open the drawer and a white envelope was on top. Where it had never been before. I opened it, and there was $25 in cash there. More than enough to buy gas.

I laughed and thanked Him for how sweet He is and decided, on the spot, that He meant for me to go to the office to work, so I did.

I hadn't shared about the miracle in the middle drawer, but once I began to talk about it a little, I found out that this happens all the time. Single mothers have one story after another about how God provided for their needs in miraculous ways. They, too, love this way of life.

If you are in the position of need, take heart. God has more than enough funding available to meet your needs. And He will. 

If you are in the position to give, take a look around you. There are single moms and senior adults on fixed incomes all around us who are praying for a $10 or $20 miracle, and you can help. When God prompts your heart, pass along a blessing. 

I've been the one who was flush with cash and able to give here and there. It's the most fun you can ever have. Receiving the miracle is awesome, but it's still more blessed to give than to receive.

"Whatever you ask in My name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son." John 14:13 nasb

When God does a miracle, we're supposed to share it so that He can be glorified by what He's done. What about you? Have you received a miracle? Share your story in the comments below. I'd love to hear what God has done in your life, too. 
Friday, I'll write about the miracle When Time Stood Still. This miracle has just happened, and it was so impressive that I'm still grinning about it. I might write about the miracle of the storm that stopped tomorrow. Be sure to check back, and don't forget to like and share my posts. It helps spread my digital reach considerably.

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