Friday, December 30, 2016

Keeping The Main Thing The Main Thing

I've written about the mission statement of Jesus more than once, mainly because Jesus consistently had it in mind. (click here and here for those previous articles)

We have a well-rounded, meet-every-need Savior. 

In a very real way, He actively "kept the main thing the main thing." Jesus had a teaching/preaching ministry, healing ministry, feeding ministry, deliverance ministry, and a prayer ministry. He did it all, but not necessarily all on the same day. 

Early in His ministry, Jesus was in Capernaum. He taught in the synagogue there, then healed the sick and cast out demons. 

At the end of a very long, hard day, He went to "a lonely place" to pray, but the multitude crowded in. "Please don't leave. We want you to do some more exciting things. We have more people who need healing. We need more miracles." (That's the Leanna paraphrase, but it seems, from Scripture, as if that's what they meant.) 

Jesus declined their invitation. What He told them is interesting in light of all He'd done in their town.

"I didn't come just to dazzle you with miracles. I came to preach the Kingdom of God in as many places as possible." (This is the Leanna paraphrase of Luke 4:43) 

His objective was not a healed body, but a healed soul.

That's it. The Kingdom of God is the "main thing," and Jesus kept that in mind. He did many other types of ministry, but all were done with the purpose of sharing the Good News of the Kingdom of God.

It should be our "main thing," too. Every act of mercy, bit of food handed to the hungry, shelter for the homeless, bit of clothing for the naked, and every visit to the imprisoned should be done with one objective in mind. Sharing the gospel of Christ. 

His mission statement should also be ours. We, too, should have as our objective to preach the gospel in as many places as possible.

Today, no matter what "job" we do, let's make the most important work a priority. Preach the gospel of Christ to all, whether in word or deed. 

I'm interested in the creative ways in which the Kingdom message is being preached.  How have you shared the gospel? What ministry efforts have you used to accomplish gospel-sharing? 
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