Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Five Dollar Miracle

I had the most beautiful experience yesterday. It was too wonderful not to share. 

Shortly after I arrived at Global, I met the Anthonys, a missionary couple who serve in Honduras. They were my first Untapped Power Grid missionaries, so they're special to me.

While they were home on furlough, they spoke at Hope Church. James talked about a "Five for February" fund raiser they had done. They were doing a building project and every board cost about $5. They asked people to donate five dollars in February. So many people responded that they were able to complete their building project. They did it with five dollar donations. 

It was such a simple concept that I asked God to give me a "five dollar program". 

I calculated all manner of options for what five dollars could do in a prayer ministry, including how far I could drive on five dollars. Nothing worked, so I dropped the idea (mostly), but would occasionally remind God about the five dollar deal.

This week, a friend who has received my blog by morning text since before it was actually a blog asked to come by. She had something to bring me, she said.

She came yesterday. We sat down with a pot of tea and thick slices of zucchini bread. She had a gift bag and a beautiful box. "I need to explain about this box," she told me, so we sat down for a chat. 

A year ago, she was struggling in her relationship with God and asked Him to speak to her and help her with spiritual discipline. He put on her heart, among other things, to save all her $5 bills for the next year. 

She's faithfully saved every $5 bill that's come her way. This week, she asked God what she should do with the money. She wanted to bless the people who'd poured into her life over the years. The answer was very clear. "The $5 bills are for Leanna."  

It's was quite a wad, and it totals a donation of $490. "It can help with your travels," she told me. She didn't know it, but I'm planning a prayer trip to an as-yet-undisclosed location, and that money will go a long way toward covering my trip. 

God orchestrated that $5 deal before I had the first conversation about me partnering with Global in some way.

Before I'd become a missionary with Global Outreach.

Before I'd met the Anthonys. 

Before I heard about the Five for February fund raiser.

Before I'd asked Him for a $5 deal.

She was faithful all that time, even though she didn't understand what God was doing. 

The evening before she came, I wrote to one of our missionaries, "Our Father knows your name. He knows your need. He'll provide."

Yesterday, He spoke those same words right back to me in a tangible way. 

We both shed tears over that box of bills. 

He knows my name and He loves me in such personal ways that I'm utterly astounded. He loves us; He loves you in that same exquisitely personal way. 

I'm looking forward to seeing what other sweet and beautiful things our Dad has planned for us in the coming year. He's such a good, good Father... 

"How precious also are Thy thoughts to me, O God!
How vast is the sum of them!
If I should count them, they would outnumber the sand."
Psalm 139:17,18 nasb
I need your prayers the most, so, if you can only do one thing to help with this ministry, please let it be prayer for me to be a faithful, creative, and effective witness for Christ. 

If you'd like to make a $5 donation of your own to help support this ministry, here's the link to give: Global Outreach Acct 4841 If you'd rather use a check or money order, make it out to Global Outreach. Remember to put "Account 4841" on the "for" line. Mail it to: Global Outreach, PO Box 1, Tupelo MS 38802

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