Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Searching for the Homeless and Finding the Hungry Instead

On Christmas morning, I wrote about A Heart That Gives. "Take a plate of food to a shut-in," I suggested. As I wrote, I prayed about how I could give to those in need on Christmas. "Lord, give me a hungry person to feed today."

Filled with determination, I left Ryan and his girlfriend, Hannah, in the kitchen and headed out to take the dogs for a walk and to search for someone with an empty tummy. Preferably someone homeless.

As I walked out of Ryan's building, I overheard the concierge talking with someone about ordering takeout. 

"I didn't know everything would be closed," she said.

I pondered that statement all during our walk. Oddly enough, I couldn't find a single homeless person on my path. When I returned to the building, I stopped at the desk to visit a minute.

"What are you doing for lunch?"

"I'm eating at my mama's when I get off."

"What about lunch?"

She shrugged. "Nothing's open. I have a piece of fruit."

"You're gonna be here for hours. Aren't you hungry?"

"I'm starving."

"Lord, she's not homeless," I silently prayed. Instantly, the still, small voice said, "No, but she's hungry."

I'd gone in search of a hungry person and found one, right inside the doors of Ryan's building. "Be right back," I assured her and hurried to the elevator.

"Hey,  Ryan. Do you mind if I take a plate of food to the concierge? She's hungry and doesn't have anything to eat."

"Nothing's cooked yet. Will leftovers be okay?" We loaded a plate and I headed downstairs to deliver my offering. "I'm bringing this in the name of Jesus," I told the concierge. 

She started to cry. I joined her. She's a believer and had asked God to send her something to eat.

By that time, the security guard had joined her at the desk. He didn't have anything to eat, either. I headed back upstairs, still wiping tears.

"I need another plate. The security guard is hungry, too."

Ryan and Hannah loaded up another plate. "We're going with you. You shouldn't get all the fun."

"This is in the name of Jesus, too," I told the security guard. Hugs all around. Laughter. More happy tears. One more hug for the road.

As we headed back upstairs, the concierge called after me. "Thank you, Mama. Love you." 

"Love you, too," I called back, and I meant it.

That's what happens when you become the hands and feet of Jesus. You serve as He served and love as He loved. It's beautiful.

Later that evening, Hannah voiced what I'd been thinking. "This has been the best Christmas ever."

She was right.

"The Lord Jesus Himself said, 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'" Acts 20:35 niv

Today, ask God to put someone in your path who needs what you can give, then ,offer it in the name of Jesus, even if they don't look like you expect. You might be surprised by the joy and blessings you receive in return.
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