Saturday, August 5, 2017

Ministry to the Minister

Yesterday, some of the Sisters of Strength had a short term mission trip to help a fellow sister in need. They and their husbands arrived at my farm shortly after 8 am, armed with mowers, weed eaters, pruning shears, box cutter, and servant hearts. In six short hours, they accomplished more on my property than I could have done in six months.

Just as important, if not more so, they sat with Sam, moved him to a wheelchair and rolled him around outside to see the progress, prayed over us, sang over Sam, and encouraged my weary heart in too many ways to list. 


After Sam's wife died 22 months ago, I became his caregiver, as most of my blog readers know. I've cooked countless meals for him, managed his finances, paid his bills, encouraged him, carried him to the errands he's needed, accompanied him to the doctor.  I've done what needed to be done. Not long ago, I moved him into my home.

I'm taking care of Sam because I gave my word, because I'm called to it, and because it's the right thing to do. I'm not anyone special. I'm just doing what has to be done. Sam's as sweet as can be, but, when added to everything else I've been doing, this is still hard. 

There are only 24 hours in a day and, try as I might, I've been unable to squeeze more hours out of it. I have a more-than-full time ministry. My day starts at 5 am and I rarely stop long enough to sit down until well after dark. I don't like to waste a minute, and I love a busy life, but the additional responsibilities have stretched my capacity past what I can do.

As a result, many things have been left undone that should have been done. Mowing, weed eating, trimming shrubs, maintenance of machinery all take a back seat to feeding a dying man, helping him in and out of a chair, and giving his medications multiple times a day. 

Yesterday, the Sisters of Strength did what we are all called to do. They helped a fellow sister in need. The difference they made in my backlog of work was incredible. They bore my burdens and shouldered my load.

Even more remarkable, though, is what they did for my heart. My hope. My joy. They gave me a much-needed break outside doing the things I love to do and had sorely missed. 

Last night, I basked in the glow of the day as I remembered all we'd done together. I didn't spend one minute feeling like I had left Sam without care, because they provided for every need.

This, body of Christ, is how we should care for one another. This is what happens when we clear our schedules enough to have time to serve as Christ serves. This is how we show the world what the love of Christ looks like in flesh-and-blood terms.

This is love, and it's how we draw people to Christ. It's how we change the world. It's how we cast out shining the incredible light of Christ  into every hurting circumstance.

Imagine for a moment how the world would look if the 2.2 billion professing Christians served one another, and the world, the way the Sisters of Strength served Sam and me yesterday. 

It would be a different place.

Friends, if we all do our part in loving one another and loving our neighbors, we will have accomplished what Jesus intended us to do. So let's do it. Find a need and meet it with the love of Jesus. No one person has to do everything, but we all have to do something. 

It's past time. Let's get started. Take an hour today and serve someone with love in the name of Jesus. 

"Bear one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2 niv
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